Do I Have To Say It?

What are you good at? One thing you must understand about us Finns is that we are not good at anything. Or actually, we are good at various things, but actually admitting that would be horrible! That is probably because of our Lutheran upbringing, whereas we are told not to brag. Luckily, that atmosphere is…


How do you balance work and home life? In ancient Egypt, the goddess Ma’at oversaw the balance in life, death, and everything else. It is this universal balance that we humans strive even today. With the hectic work life most of us lead, it is no importance that the balance is something to strive for….

One Ring To Rule Them All…

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today? Today, I am definitely going back years because of this topic. The Lord of the Rings is one of the first books I have read in English. Since then I read it over 20 times in English, over 10 times in Finnish (the translation is superb!), and once…

Once Again, Into The Breach!

Are you a leader or a follower? Leadership is something that should be bestowed to those who don’t feel the need to lead. The same goes for supervisors and everyone who manage staff underneath them. Over the course of years, I have seen my share of leaders who are notoriously bad at what they do,…

Give Time For Myself

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life? We all are probably accustomed to the modern world, where we need to be connected and available 24/7/365. But is it really so? Do we need to be connected? What about the me-time? Research shows that we need downtime for our brain to relax and…

Water, And Food, Please

We humans are complex organisms. We can survive up to two months without food, but when it comes to water, it is just up to three days before we are done. Amazing!

Rigged! Robbed! Oh, The Drama!

Eurovision week 2023 is finished with yesterday’s Grand Final. And what a final it was! Not just as an amazing array of fantastic songs and performances, but also because of Finland being in the lead until the very last moment before losing to Sweden.

Happy International Nurses Day

Countries around the world celebrate International Nurses Day on the 12th of May. The same day when Ms. Florence Nightingale was born. Or do they?

Thoughtfulness Or Ignorance?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am actually a perfect human being, just like the horoscopic signs portray me to be. Or is this feeling because of the experiences and lessons from which I have learned multiple things over the course of the years?

Continuity Or Republic

Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned on Saturday the 6th of May, and during the festive weekend, my Wifey and I also watched an interview with Princess Royal, Princess Anne.