Ramadan 2023 AD (1444H) In Pictures

Ramadan, the fasting month, has finished. What we have are memories of each and every day. All photos lead you to their respective pages, which open in new tabs, so please click on them and enjoy the snapshots.

30 – A Night Of Power

Is that bridge a stark reminder of the Last Day that we all need to cross the narrow bridge to jannah or fall into jahannam?

29 – The Pen

Do I need to say more? I took this photo in Co. Kerry, Ireland, some years ago.

28 – Togetherness

Being together with those who are family is priceless. Even if we four live in three different countries, there is a sense of togetherness in every message we share.

27 – Mercy

In 1492, the Caliphate of Al Andalus finally succumbed to Reconquista. It took hundreds of years before the first purposebuilt mosque (mezquita in Spanish) was built on Spanish soil.

26 – Diversity

At first, I was wondering which photo to use for diversity. But then I figured it out – it needs to show the biodiversity, diversity between land and the sea, and rural and town. And not just that, but can you imagine the number of individuals that create a diverse community.

25 – Something Gold

For me, this is pure gold – having a moment of rest on a weekend with my Sayang Wifey beside me. Love.

24 – A Believer

I realised that this was the (second) easiest photo, but I made it much more complicated. It’s me, hello! For the longest time, I have said that I have seen too much not to believe. So I am a believer.

23 – Something That Makes You Proud

We all have our past, present, and future. It may not always be what we envision it to be, but I got to be what I dreamed to be. I have the privilege to say that I fulfilled my dream of becoming Cabin Crew. I still miss the job, but my path has led me…

22 – Something You Heart

I didn’t realise then, but I love the Mediterranean Sea and the changing light of it. Every moment, wherever you are, should be full of appreciation.