Water, And Food, Please

We humans are complex organisms. We can survive up to two months without food, but when it comes to water, it is just up to three days before we are done. Amazing!

International Trans Day Of Visibility

March 31st marks the International Trans Day of Visibility, and in modern times, this seems to be more important than ever. Since time immemorial, the hijra have been recognised as a third gender in South Asia. But even though they were once revered as seers and still are called to bless babies, and such, they…

War in Europe

Warning! This post contains images that may cause discomfort to you as they are from war! I remember the 24th of February 2022 quite well. I was working, as usual, in a very early morning shift, just like today. And thr then news hit – Russia lad laughed a massive attack against the sovereignty of…

…Where books are burned first…

I can not believe that year after year after year, I come back to a very haunting quote that I first learned when visiting Berlin back in the 2000s.

2022 In Pictures (And Words)

2022 is just about over, and 2023 is already on the way. As I write this, there are already many countries, and even continents, which have already moved to new year, whilst some of us in Europe have few more hours to go. Americans have to wait slightly longer. Even though I decided not to…

Living Abroad (And Pets)

On my previous blog post I talked about autumn and the approaching winter, and it got me thinking about something I never quite grasped. The idea of migrating to the Mediterranean countries for the winter.

Of Life And Death

The past several days have been tumultuous on an international level. It is no longer where were you when Diana died, but now it is where were you when The Queen died?

Sima from Mumbai!

Oh, goodness me! My wifey and I have been practically binging on The Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.