28 – Togetherness

Being together with those who are family is priceless. Even if we four live in three different countries, there is a sense of togetherness in every message we share.

20 – An Animal Friend

It’s not just one, but two siblings – now seven years old. Together, they are miscreants, but without them, the home would feel empty and cold. They are Lola and Mika, sister and brother, family members.

A Dinner For One?

Just a few days ago, I saw an advert in TikTok (of all places) about a man eating his iftar meal (the meal to break your fast with) by himself. The whole advert, in my mind, started like any food advert. But the words that came on the screen startled me.

A Moment In Time

Happy Friday morning everyone. I am lying in bed, awake. I listen to my wife’s steady breathing next to me and watch the sunlight filter into the bedroom through the curtains.

Living Abroad (And Pets)

On my previous blog post I talked about autumn and the approaching winter, and it got me thinking about something I never quite grasped. The idea of migrating to the Mediterranean countries for the winter.

Steel Anniversary

Greetings from Kaunas, Lithuania, where me and my Wifey of 11 years have been celebrating our Steel Anniversary.

Human Is…

Recent events made me think what is it that makes us tick, or at least me. Is it warm weather and sunny days, is it appreciation at work, is it a happy relationship, what is it?

Of Life And Death

The past several days have been tumultuous on an international level. It is no longer where were you when Diana died, but now it is where were you when The Queen died?

Sima from Mumbai!

Oh, goodness me! My wifey and I have been practically binging on The Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.