Rigged! Robbed! Oh, The Drama!

Eurovision week 2023 is finished with yesterday’s Grand Final. And what a final it was! Not just as an amazing array of fantastic songs and performances, but also because of Finland being in the lead until the very last moment before losing to Sweden.

Cleaning Up A Sauna

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow. Some decisions make you decide if you want tea or coffee, some make you choose if you become a nurse or a Cabin Crew, and some decisions alter your life. In my case, the decision I made whilst cleaning up my…

Look Around You!

I wrote about differences of countries which has given some difficulty to set roots down. This, in turn, got me thinking about the reasons why people choose where they want to live. I even asked for some of the reasons, and reading the responses, I realised that there were as many reasons as there were…

Italy, Spain, And/Or Finland?

Last year, we went to Napoli, or Naples, the city famous for Vesuvius, Camorra, and Sophia Loren. It was a fantastic experience, and it led me to ponder a few things.

20 – An Animal Friend

It’s not just one, but two siblings – now seven years old. Together, they are miscreants, but without them, the home would feel empty and cold. They are Lola and Mika, sister and brother, family members.

Update On Fear

Last year, prompted by something I saw on Facebook, I wrote about fear and hate. To better understand this “version 2.0” you should read that first.

15 – Materialism

This water tower was a landmark in my hometown of Vantaa, Finland. Instead of renovating the structure, the municipality decided to build a new one and demolish the old one, as the land was deemed too valuable to be wasted for water tower use.


“Would you be interested in politics?” That was a question I got asked a while ago when the political parties were gathering candidates for the general election.

Small Acts, Huge Impacts

For the past year or so, I have been following a small Finnish charity organisation, which is run by a team of four people whose goal is to make this world a better place. They do this for the children with terminal diagnosis and their families who need respite or assistance. The charity is called…

Song of an Evacuee

We had heard news about the war, but as the tensions between our countries had been strained for several years, that’s what they were – rumours. Even though we lived in the village, which was about 20 kilometres from the border, life was good.