Darker Future

As you know by now, based on my previous post, I am a Trekkie, and I do hold dear the idea of inclusiveness in the future of mankind. But at the same time, there is bleakness that seeps into my mind.

…Where books are burned first…

I can not believe that year after year after year, I come back to a very haunting quote that I first learned when visiting Berlin back in the 2000s.


I woke up today and it is already February. What happened to January? I distinctly remember waking up on the 1st of January and thinking that it is a new year, and now it is already the “one month later” moment. What happened?

2022 In Pictures (And Words)

2022 is just about over, and 2023 is already on the way. As I write this, there are already many countries, and even continents, which have already moved to new year, whilst some of us in Europe have few more hours to go. Americans have to wait slightly longer. Even though I decided not to…

What Has Become Of Me?

Like so many other great blog text ideas, this also got into my head whilst pouring myself a cup (or a mug) of coffee before my shift started in the wee hours of the morning. I was standing in the kitchen, by the coffee maker in my gray sweatpants, woolly socks, hair a total mess,…

Steel Anniversary

Greetings from Kaunas, Lithuania, where me and my Wifey of 11 years have been celebrating our Steel Anniversary.

Human Is…

Recent events made me think what is it that makes us tick, or at least me. Is it warm weather and sunny days, is it appreciation at work, is it a happy relationship, what is it?

Of Life And Death

The past several days have been tumultuous on an international level. It is no longer where were you when Diana died, but now it is where were you when The Queen died?