How do you balance work and home life? In ancient Egypt, the goddess Ma’at oversaw the balance in life, death, and everything else. It is this universal balance that we humans strive even today. With the hectic work life most of us lead, it is no importance that the balance is something to strive for….


“I am sorry you have to stress over us.” It was a sentence said to me by my mother just yesterday, meaning about herself and my father, who both are elderly with their own health problems.

Coffee Time – Or Not?

Did you know that the Finns consume most coffee per person in the world? And for many of us, it is something essential to get your day starting on the right track. But what if you are deprived of this black, and delicious substance?

Small Acts, Huge Impacts

For the past year or so, I have been following a small Finnish charity organisation, which is run by a team of four people whose goal is to make this world a better place. They do this for the children with terminal diagnosis and their families who need respite or assistance. The charity is called…

Loss Of Control

We humans are complex creatures who seem to thrive on having that little bit of control over things in our lives. What happens when we lose it? Does it make us somehow lesser persons?

Getting Old(er)?

As I am writing this, I have just been ill with a nasty stomach bug and surprisingly enough, it made me think of getting older.

“Have You Considered Another Job?”

A short while ago, I was asked that question, and as it was from a medical colleague from the same workplace, I was slightly taken aback because of it. But really, have you considered another job?

New Age, New Ways?

Ever wonder when the world changed and you became stuck in your ways? And when was the first time you uttered the dreadful words: “It has always been done this way.”

Of Life And Dreams

For the past few days, I have had plenty of thoughts cris-crossing my mind. They are still all jumbled up, but I will try to make some sense out of them.

Stress – Relief

You know the feeling when there seems to be a knot in the pit of your stomach? That stressful feeling. For me, this time, that feeling was caused by the end of the redundancy negotiations.