26 – Diversity

At first, I was wondering which photo to use for diversity. But then I figured it out – it needs to show the biodiversity, diversity between land and the sea, and rural and town. And not just that, but can you imagine the number of individuals that create a diverse community.

Look Around You!

I wrote about differences of countries which has given some difficulty to set roots down. This, in turn, got me thinking about the reasons why people choose where they want to live. I even asked for some of the reasons, and reading the responses, I realised that there were as many reasons as there were…

Italy, Spain, And/Or Finland?

Last year, we went to Napoli, or Naples, the city famous for Vesuvius, Camorra, and Sophia Loren. It was a fantastic experience, and it led me to ponder a few things.

Parque Del Oeste, Madrid

Recently, we were in Madrid for the very first time ever, even though we have lived in the Malaga area for some time. Different provinces, long distances, and having no car in general do make a sound reason for not visiting the nation’s capital, right?

Football And History

One thing I never thought I would write about is football. And yet, here am I. Writing about football as it was an opportunity too good to pass (see, I even made a football joke!).

What Has Become Of Me?

Like so many other great blog text ideas, this also got into my head whilst pouring myself a cup (or a mug) of coffee before my shift started in the wee hours of the morning. I was standing in the kitchen, by the coffee maker in my gray sweatpants, woolly socks, hair a total mess,…

Living Abroad (And Pets)

On my previous blog post I talked about autumn and the approaching winter, and it got me thinking about something I never quite grasped. The idea of migrating to the Mediterranean countries for the winter.

Tropical Nighttime Thoughts

We live in a ever changing, fast paced world. Almost ever since I was a small boy there has been talk of a climate change and that we have to change the way we life in order to fight it. I remember the feeling of dread because even at that time it was mentioned that…