International Trans Day Of Visibility

March 31st marks the International Trans Day of Visibility, and in modern times, this seems to be more important than ever. Since time immemorial, the hijra have been recognised as a third gender in South Asia. But even though they were once revered as seers and still are called to bless babies, and such, they…

Parque Del Oeste, Madrid

Recently, we were in Madrid for the very first time ever, even though we have lived in the Malaga area for some time. Different provinces, long distances, and having no car in general do make a sound reason for not visiting the nation’s capital, right?

I Should Not Have Done It!

A year ago, 17th of November to be exact, we got the keys to our new home, a beautiful house in the countryside. The interest rates were relatively low, electricity prices were reasonable, fuel prices normal and as a countryside dweller these are the costs that you have to calculate on top of the food…

Friendship Or Duty

In a situation where you are friends with someone, but you are also working in a position that involves your friend, what should be the ground rules? Or should two worlds, duty and friendship, even coexist?

Sima from Mumbai!

Oh, goodness me! My wifey and I have been practically binging on The Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

End Of The Line (?)

When I was in my twenties I tried to imagine how my life would be after I turn thirty. And I couldnt. As hard as tried, it felt like there was a black curtain preventing me from seeing anything after 30.

Tolerance or Acceptance?

During our trip to Lisbon earlier in 2022, we came across a memorial stone for the Jewish massacre that took place back in 1506 AD. In this case it wasn’t, obviously, the Nazis who committed the massacre but instead it was organised by the religious Catholic fanatics who killed hundreds of people whom they claimed…