How do you balance work and home life? In ancient Egypt, the goddess Ma’at oversaw the balance in life, death, and everything else. It is this universal balance that we humans strive even today. With the hectic work life most of us lead, it is no importance that the balance is something to strive for….

Look Around You!

I wrote about differences of countries which has given some difficulty to set roots down. This, in turn, got me thinking about the reasons why people choose where they want to live. I even asked for some of the reasons, and reading the responses, I realised that there were as many reasons as there were…

Italy, Spain, And/Or Finland?

Last year, we went to Napoli, or Naples, the city famous for Vesuvius, Camorra, and Sophia Loren. It was a fantastic experience, and it led me to ponder a few things.

“Have You Considered Another Job?”

A short while ago, I was asked that question, and as it was from a medical colleague from the same workplace, I was slightly taken aback because of it. But really, have you considered another job?

Respect And Skills

Some time ago I was reading LinkedIn postings, and saw one about the need for employee skills. This piqued my interest in the post and I simply had to read the post and all the comments underneath.

Equality Or Inequality?

We like to think that at work we are all equal. Especially when our work is the same and we are placed on the same line. But are we? And if we would be, is it good?

Human Is…

Recent events made me think what is it that makes us tick, or at least me. Is it warm weather and sunny days, is it appreciation at work, is it a happy relationship, what is it?

Fear, Anger, Hate – Or Trolling?

Back in the last century, Jedi Master Yoda said something that has been made a quote since. That has resonated with me ever since, and judging by today’s social media standards, it really seems to have been sage advice. “Fear is the path to the dark side … fear leads to anger …  anger leads…