How do you balance work and home life? In ancient Egypt, the goddess Ma’at oversaw the balance in life, death, and everything else. It is this universal balance that we humans strive even today. With the hectic work life most of us lead, it is no importance that the balance is something to strive for….

Once Again, Into The Breach!

Are you a leader or a follower? Leadership is something that should be bestowed to those who don’t feel the need to lead. The same goes for supervisors and everyone who manage staff underneath them. Over the course of years, I have seen my share of leaders who are notoriously bad at what they do,…

Thoughtfulness Or Ignorance?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am actually a perfect human being, just like the horoscopic signs portray me to be. Or is this feeling because of the experiences and lessons from which I have learned multiple things over the course of the years?

A Blow

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you can almost feel it in your grasp, and then it is taken away for good. Do you know that feeling? I definitely do.

Being Frank

Currently, we live in a world where the living costs keep changing from month to month, and usually, they don’t go lower. You must have noticed that as well as I have. And because of that I decided to ask for a higher salary than I was offered.

“Have You Considered Another Job?”

A short while ago, I was asked that question, and as it was from a medical colleague from the same workplace, I was slightly taken aback because of it. But really, have you considered another job?

Of Life And Dreams

For the past few days, I have had plenty of thoughts cris-crossing my mind. They are still all jumbled up, but I will try to make some sense out of them.

Stress – Relief

You know the feeling when there seems to be a knot in the pit of your stomach? That stressful feeling. For me, this time, that feeling was caused by the end of the redundancy negotiations.


I woke up today and it is already February. What happened to January? I distinctly remember waking up on the 1st of January and thinking that it is a new year, and now it is already the “one month later” moment. What happened?


2022 marked a decade from when I hung up my wings and quit my career in flying. I didn’t even realise it before today when I saw an advertisement for a summer job as a Cabin Crew for Finnair, and that got me thinking about dreams and their importance.