Segregation Or Inclusion

When I first started blogging, I decided that I wouldn’t want to segregate pieces of my life into multiple, different blogs. If there is one thing that my nursing studies taught me in multiple classes, it was that human is a psychologic-social-fysical combination that makes a whole human being. And because of that, everything that…


“Would you be interested in politics?” That was a question I got asked a while ago when the political parties were gathering candidates for the general election.

Of Life And Dreams

For the past few days, I have had plenty of thoughts cris-crossing my mind. They are still all jumbled up, but I will try to make some sense out of them.


It’s the night with a sliver of Moon hanging in the star-lit sky. The roads are now silent as people have settled down. One can hear the sounds of people from restaurants and bars. I am just happy and content to enjoy the moment of solitude, walking from the bus stop towards our home.

Process Of Writing

It is peculiar. I don’t mean that writing is peculiar, but for me, the process is something of a mystery. Sometimes, the text just comes, and then there are those times when simply nothing seems to be right. But which makes a better text?

Times, And Years Change

Year 2022 is coming to an end, and a new one is shortly beginning. This time of the year always gets me a bit thoughtful, and I tend to look back to see what I have managed and what I still need to achieve before moving into something completely new.

I Should Not Have Done It!

A year ago, 17th of November to be exact, we got the keys to our new home, a beautiful house in the countryside. The interest rates were relatively low, electricity prices were reasonable, fuel prices normal and as a countryside dweller these are the costs that you have to calculate on top of the food…

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today, dear readers, is my 45th birthday and I just wanted to share the news with you all! Have a fabulous day, wherever you are!