Taking Action

I must have mentioned it before that in our everyday life we are faced with situations, multiple situations, where we need to decide there and then what are we going to do. And those decisions can vary from minuscule to life altering ones, and we do need to life with our decisions. That’s why indecisiveness is quite dangerous, at least in my mind, because it, as well as any other decision, creates outcomes that we need to live with. And that is why I decided something today.

A while ago I wrote a blog post about value. In a direct relation to that I think it is important that we know our own value and act accordingly. But is it that simple? No. Because we are not just some money-making machines that should value our time and expertise monetarily, but we also need to think about our own health, both mental and physical. And some of the decisions that we make in our everyday life must, or at least should reflect that. And in my opinion, I believe that work-life balance is the key. It might mean cutting back the hours you spend in your workplace, should you be in such a great position in life that you can do that, or it might mean working from home instead from an office with an hour commute each way, every day. Or it might mean changing your job completely.

One great thing about getting older is the sneaking experience that comes in the form of “I remember when…”. I used to shiver when someone started their sentence like that – and now I am the one doing it. But it is true – I remember many former colleagues who would get a wistful look in their eyes when I told them that I would be quitting and heading to fly as a Cabin Crew, or I would finish my summer job and head to Spain or Ireland for the winter. And they, most often, would say something like: “I wish I had the chance to do something like that…”

Having A Chance…

Do all of us have a chance to do that? Can we all just quit our jobs and fly away like migrating birds to warmer and sunnier climates when the winter approaches? Of course not. It would be nigh impossible for us all. Right?

Or maybe we do, but it is more inconvenient by our situation. Some, or many of us have children and there is their education and school to think about. We might want to work from a beach, but the kids most likely need to be in their classrooms. Some of us might just have bought a house, which means their financial situation doesn’t allow them to just pack a bag and relocate to Florida. And even we, who don’t have children, have pets whose welfare needs to be taken into account when relocating to another country.

In the modern world we more often than not have the external influences that we need to take in account as well. Currently we are facing massive inflation in many countries, there is war in Europe, the decades ongoing issue with Israel and Palestine, draughts, famines, et cetera. We might feel it is more sensible to stick with what you have and what you know than take a leap of faith and relocate to somewhere completely new, especially in times like this. But if we do stay put and continue our daily grind because of the fear of the unknown and the would-ifs, is it playing it safe – or is it just being afraid of change?

The younger generations often feel like the older ones are stuck in their ways and are unwilling to change. Or to make changes and to take chances. Youth, it is often said, is reckless and carefree, no worries of tomorrow. At least until they grow up and become adults. But as adults, should we stop being adventurous and should we always play it safe?

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I made a decision today. I have a very rudimentary idea how it is going to affect my work-life balance, but I don’t have all the necessary information to make a 100% educated guess about all the outcomes… But that is the thing! I don’t need to know, I don’t need to be fully certain that I have thought of everything. It is enough for me that I feel better already, after making the initial decision. And that gut feeling tells my rational mind that I made a right decision. And what the decision was, I might come back to it later.

“I Wish I Could…”

Wish all you want, but if you don’t set your mind to actually do it, a wish it will remain. And in worst case scenario, you might regret the hesitation.

I’m not saying that we all should just uproot our lives and leave. No. But if you feel like making a change in your lives, do it. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next month, or next year just because it feels safer.

I have two colleagues who have a small baby and a toddler. In early summer they contacted me for information about relocating to another country, and I was more than happy to help them as much as I could. I also didn’t sugarcoat anything. And now they are living their dream by the Mediterranean sea. It takes guts and willingness to accept that not everything might go according to plan, but if you are willing to accept those odds… You just might win.

And I am willing to take those odds.

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