Process Of Writing

It is peculiar. I don’t mean that writing is peculiar, but for me, the process is something of a mystery. Sometimes, the text just comes, and then there are those times when simply nothing seems to be right. But which makes a better text?

If you ask me, creative writing is simply the way to go. There is nothing wrong with scientific writing, especially if you are as meticulous as I am, but creative writing just gives me the freedom to use the words in the way I want to use them.

Take this topic as an example. I am dead certain that there is one million different sources in the Internet telling you (and me) about the whole process and I could have read some of them and given you a nice insight about the whole process.

Of course, there are certain steps you must adhere to, like in the above picture you can see, but is it all there is? When starting to think about this topic earlier today, did I call it “prewriting phase” or did I simply get an idea and wonder if it was something that people would be interested in – especially if I wrote about it from my perspective.

So, as you know, I get ideas, and as you who have read my texts more, you know the topics I write about range from short stories to criticising far right via general nursing topics in between. But writing about writing? What can I say that hasn’t been said already?

I am writing this on a bus, and that definitely poses some challenges for concentration but when I have the idea and a rough idea how I want to get it on the paper, then I enter into something that resembles a trance. At least, that is what my wifey tells that it is. I hear nothing else, and I don’t see anything except the words as they fill the screen. That is the moment I know that my writing process is in a full swing. Sometimes, like when I write in a bus, it is a bit hazardous as I have actually missed my stop…

Actually, that concentration is something I have been thinking a lot about since I started to host an online course about updating your CV and cover letter.

The course has made me understand the importance of being able to concentrate on your work or anything that you care a lot about. It also led to a realisation why it is important to work smart instead of work hard. That is because many jobs require a level of concentration that can not be upheld for extended periods of time at one go.

Isn’t that the reason why some companies encourage their workers to work in six hour shifts instead of eight hours? First, you have more time off work, and with that comes the increased level of productivity and concentration. Win-win for companies and people.

But it is a bit different level to make people work on a six hour shifts than teaching them how to work on your introduction introductionary text on a CV, or writing a blog text.

Or, is it really?

If you think things on a company level, they need to take into account multiple factors more than a single person building up their CV or me writing a blog text. But the actions of any of the above are equally important.

When I write about something, I want to think about the subject from different angles and start from one aspect and visit other views and topics during the process. In the same way, the person who is building their CV has their motives and aspirations why they are doing that. And there lies my task – to make my students see the importance of concentrating on the text and the words.

Concentration is important, but so is focus. And sometimes I notice that my writing needs a bit more of that. And that is what we need in our everyday lives as well. Especially in a modern world, where there is much distraction being shot at us from every direction all the time. But at the same time, having a little.bit of distraction every now and again actually improves concentration and work efficiency. And I dare hope that the distraction for you comes in the form of my blog.

But do I ever review my texts or just publish them? What do you think? 😉

Have a great day!

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