Darker Future

As you know by now, based on my previous post, I am a Trekkie, and I do hold dear the idea of inclusiveness in the future of mankind. But at the same time, there is bleakness that seeps into my mind.

I blame Stephen King and some of the futuristic TV shows for that feeling of bleakness. Stephen King, because I have simply devoured his books over and over again (as they are so good) – and one of the best ones I have ever read is The Dark Tower saga. It is most un-King-like series as there ever was, and maybe that’s why I feel very drawn to it. It borderlines the fantasy genre so well that I feel at home with it. (As you might know, I am more of a fantasy type of guy than sci-fi.)

Recently, my wifey and I have been glued to the TV with Netflix’s “Dark,” a German series that is simply brilliant. But it also paints a bleak image of a future and of the hearts of men. This, with several other shows, led me to wonder what it is that we seek from this type of shows and books? Why don’t we want a happier, Trek-like future instead?

We have the TV series set in the Walking Dead universe. These are something my wifey steers away as she is not a fan of zombies. This means that I am left alone to watch these and currently am devouring (pardon the pun) Fear the Walking Dead. And for some reason, it has even given me some nightmares. But there is something enticing about this show. Maybe it is because it is set at the beginning of the whole mess, maybe it is because it is set in modern day world, or maybe it is because it is a distinct possibility that something like it could happen. Heck, we saw how fast and deadly Covid-19 appeared and spread.

Would I be ready for that kind of future? No. Would I like it? Definitely no. Would I survive? Unlikely. My greatest vice would be to try to keep my family safe first and foremost so they would most likely survive longer than me. But do I have plans for situation like that? Yes. Doesn’t everyone?

In whatever form or shape our future comes, we have to make sure it is a positive one. We should be striving for the Star Trek like future where the whole globe has been unified, and we all are working together for the embetternment of the human kind, and we strive to explore and learn more. But, as long as our corporations and companies are run with greed and selfishness, what hope do we have?

And whatever is our choice for our future, we need to act now. Today is not just present but also a gateway into the future, and we must strive to make each and every day count. We need to work against climate crisis, human trafficking, discrimination, segregation, and so on and on. And on.

The terror ran endlessly on in his mind, making him feel like a rat trapped on an exercise wheel. And when he tried to look ahead to some better, brighter time, he could see only darkness.

Stephen King

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