“Have You Considered Another Job?”

A short while ago, I was asked that question, and as it was from a medical colleague from the same workplace, I was slightly taken aback because of it. But really, have you considered another job?

I have written about the subject of work in other posts, such as when I was pondering about the value or cost of us as nurses, as this is a topic that is very important in a modern world. Maybe now more than before because of the uncertain times we are facing in the current times. One example is the war in Ukraine, of which I also wrote about. Recently we were also woken up to the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye. Of course we have conflicts and natural disasters happening all over the globe, but these are the most recent that have been going on. And all of that seems to be escalating.

The reason why this topic is important is because of psychology. Remember the time when the Covid-19 pandemic had just started, and it seemed that no one knew anything about the virus or how it works. There was a general feeling of a loss of control over our lives, and now we are facing the same feelings of uncertainty over the rising living costs and uncertainty in the world. And work, as annoying it may be, is one of the stabilising forces that brings us certainty and continuity.

But doesn’t that, in itself, mean we should just keep calm and… carry on?

In my opinion, no. Work environments are different, and we all have a certain fit with them. This, in turn, means we either like the environment, can tolerate it, or simply dislike it. And if there are issues at work that affect our work wellbeing, then it definitely doesn’t act as a stabilising force, but instead will start to affect our mental and physical health. And do we want that to happen?

It is no secret that ever since the news of the redundancy negotiations were told to our team, I have been searching for a new job. That act of non-appreciation of all the hard work that we, as a team, had been doing for the past years also cemented my decision to leave health care as a whole behind.

This decision to leave the whole health care is not something I decided overnight. It is a decision I have been mulling over for years, but this was the figurative straw that broke the camel’s back. When the negotiations ended, there was a feeling of relief, of which I wrote more in here.

As with many other things in life, making changes and taking chances can be scary and cause heart palpitations. But at the same time, doing this can be a rewarding experience that leads to something new, exciting, and better! That is the goal I am aiming for, and so should you.

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