Pro or anti?

In other words, do you stand with or are you against? This is a question that we face multiple times, and it can have long-lasting consequences.

This was something that I started to ponder about when my wifey and I sat having our lunch at a cafe and got talking about HRH Catherine, the Princess of Wales. She seems to have a kind smile, a quick chat, and a generally warm attitude towards adults and children alike.

At the same time, we have Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who seems to wear a fake smile and has clearly distanced herself from the public, whose interests seem to be somewhere else than serving the public.

So, am I pro-monarchy or anti-monarchy based on that example?

For me, and I think for many of us in general, the question for pro or anti is not all black and white. And it shouldn’t be. The more absolute we are with our opinions, the more extreme we become with our views on things. Becoming extremist is not the way to go.

Very recently I watched a YouTube video about the blind seer from Russia, Baba Vanga. Allegedly she predicted things like the second civil war in America, and if we look at all the distress that has been going on in there, it is actually hard to believe she would be wrong. And that is partially because of the right wing extremism, the same kind of attitude that seems to be gaining foothold in Europe as well.

But… what drives us towards these extremes, when it would be much easier and sensible to be more in the middle? The answer is mentioned in the movie series set in a galaxy far, far away.

Being bullied and being unfairly treated by society is one of the causes to turn into extremism. If one just wants to be a part of the society but is constantly ostracised, they are prone to becoming more and more secluded and turn to the extremist thoughts. And then there are also those evil organisations who target especially young and other vulnerable people over Internet and receuit them to further their agenda.

When it comes to the case of Team Catherine or Team Meghan, there is no clear answer to anything. Partially, it is because the media paints a certain picture of the situation. Partially, it is because the Royal Family has a strict policy of not washing their dirty linen in the public. This leads us to having to make up our own minds about this issue, too.

This is 100% applicable to any other issues in life, whether it is the gun laws in the USA, enforcing a ban of headscarves around Europe, or the fate of Palestinians in the hands of Israelis, you name it. Instead of turning into fear of something new, strange, or uncomfortable, we need to seek more, reliable, knowledge about the subject and make our own conclusions about the issue at hand. And we must be able to discuss and include other opinions on the issues as well. That is one way of battling extremism.

And yes, I am a royalist.

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