Once Again, Into The Breach!

Are you a leader or a follower?

Leadership is something that should be bestowed to those who don’t feel the need to lead. The same goes for supervisors and everyone who manage staff underneath them. Over the course of years, I have seen my share of leaders who are notoriously bad at what they do, but then there are those who make me want to lead by their example.

I come from an egalitarian society, where there is quite minimal hierarchy in organisations, so some supervisors and leaders are not afraid to pick up the broom and brush to assist their subordinates. I like to think I am one of those leaders.

At the same time when the leaders with proper skills and understanding motivate us, as a team, we can manage small wonders, just like we managed to thwart off the Soviet Union from invading Finland during the WW II. And then later on, we went back to the old border to tell them not to try it again. I like to think that I am a team player like that.

So, does that make me a leader or a follower? Let’s just put it that way that I will lead if I need to lead, and I like to think I am good at it. But do I crave leadership roles? No, not really. I am not power-crazed.

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  1. Definitely a leader. I belong.to the following honor societies because I studied. Chi Epsilon – civil engineering. Tau Beta Pi – engineering. Phi Kappa Phi – University wide. Delta Omega – school of public health – environmental engineering. Graduated #1 @ Northeastern University and @ UNC.@ Chapel Hill


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