Art Of Blogging

Recently my Wifey and I finished the Sex and the City marathon and it made me think of blogging again. Isn’t it strange, yet marvellous, how some TV series, movies, or books tickle your imagination just enough (or more than enough) for you to start to pursue what you know you want to do?

For me, as far as I can remember, there has been a passion for writing. Maybe it is for blog texts, short stories, or even a book – I don’t think I am ready to admit it to a bigger audience yet. But for now, let’s say it is blogging. Or, to be more precise, blogging coherently.

So What Is It All About

For me, writing has always been a way to express myself. Not just that, but in some cases, to have discussions with myself on different topics. At the same time, one thing I have to learn is to be more concise and matter of fact when it comes to writing. Being a Finn, this shouldn’t be a problem as we are quite well known to be very concise when it comes to talk and small talk. But maybe it is a good thing that I am able to elaborate and create stories that are not short and concise?

But is it good in blogs, though? Should blog texts be short, snappy, and matter of fact, or should I allow my flair for words to shine through and bring a bit more personality to the texts, even if the matter at hand is important?

As in so many other things in life, I think it is good, important, to be yourself. I do believe that when it comes to writing, there are enough examples when written words can cause mayhem if you don’t be careful how you write, and if you are being too stingy with the words themselves. Am I right?

What About The Topics?

Many of you probably wonder what kind of topics there will be written about.

Should I steer away from politics, religion, and humanitarian issues as these seem to be the most uncomfortable topics for people to see? If so, what use would my blog have then? Would I be able to invoke thoughts to you, dear reader, if the topics were all about the “good things”? What would you get out of it?

When I was writing my thesis about HIV a long time ago, one of the respondents wrote, rather aptly: “Sometimes we need the raw facts and horrible images to understand the issue.” The fact that I still remember the sentence after about 25 years, tells me how important it is to shake up people and make them go outside their comfort zone, even if it is for a 5 minute read. Don’t you agree?

Like Or Dislike?

I like what I write, otherwise I wouldn’t probably be writing about it, right? But it doesn’t mean you, dear reader, would like all that I write. But will I know which kinds of topics you don’t like? Not really, because I don’t have a crystal ball that would tell me and the tools that WordPress provides are not that accurate. That is why I would like to have feedback from you!

And, like in so many other things in life, you can scroll past the topic if you don’t like it. Just because I might end up writing about cucumbers and you simply loath them, does not mean you have to read about them and feel nauseous at the same time. But if you think you might want to step outside your comfort zone and read about cucumbers – be my guest. The choice, dear reader, is always yours.

Any Last Words?

Yes, I do have plenty of them! I think, however, that I will save some on other blog posts. But most importantly, at this point, thank you for reading this blog, and I hope I haven’t bored you stiff already, and I hope to see you on the next post!

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