To Be, Or…

To be or not to be

In our everyday lives we are faced with multiple situations where we need to make decisions. Some can be fairly easy, like having tea instead of coffee. Some can be more demanding, like should I accept a job offer or not. And some can be fairly personal, like should I come out from closet or not.

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine who is seriously into acting. We have talked about that several times, but this time I really felt the need to tell him that in all seriousness he needs to pursue that path, if it is something he really wants to do and to strive for.

Maybe it was because I got a divine nudge to push him forward, or maybe it was just something I needed to do for him, so that he wouldn’t wake up 20 years later feeling sorry for himself that he never pursued a career that would have made him happy. But whatever the reason, I am glad I did that.

The conversation went on, of course, and I ended up revealing something about myself that I have really not dared to say to many people – I write. I write stories, and I wish that some day I would manage dto be a published author. It is a dream, and I still need a bit of a boost to my self esteem before that can happen. But I digress… My friend was a true sport! He encouraged me to push on and told me that he would need me to write on so that he would know that dreams can become reality, and that would push him on to pursue his dream on acting.


We all have dreams and too many of them remain unfulfilled. Some people say that dreams are waste of time, and should be forgotten and that we should concentrate on day to day grind. But I disagree – dreams may not be enough to win a war, but dreams make us strive to be better people, and to reach up for a better life.

I remember when the high school years came to an end for me, and I say my classmate on the last school day, realising there and then that I had been in love with him since the first day on high school. For the longest time I dreamed that I would have had courage to tell him that. Never did, never will. But that dream made me write stories, which I still do. And if that story is interesting enough for you, my dear readers, I will share that one day.

So, never quit dreaming, but act on them! That is important!

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  1. Definitely keep dreaming and act on them! I myself had never thought it was even possible to be a published author, let alone finish writing the novel in the first place, but step by step, we’ll get there. We just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Like your friend, I just thought to stop by and spur you on, and to let you know that it’s very possible indeed. Wishing you all the best!


    1. Stuart, thank you SO MUCH for these words! I think it is important to have someone tell you that you are can do it 🙂


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