Autumn Is Here

I still remember the last few days of August this year. The nice, late summer warmth whilst taking the doggos out for their walkies.

And then came September 1st.

It was like flicking a switch, the autumn started. I don’t think I even remember the last time it was so sudden. In the early days of September there was even frost on our yard in the early mornings. And it made me wonder about the passing of time, and how fast everything seems nowadays.

It really feels like the spring and the first buds on trees were there just a few short moment ago, after the winter that seemed to last for at least a year. And now it is already autumn, a fall for you Americans out there, and there is another winter just around the corner.

Even though I don’t really like autumn, as it is a stark promise of another winter. And for you who have not experienced a Finnish wintertime, I urge you to visit Helsinki, Tampere, and then Rovaniemi during the months from November to January. You will see why many Finns flee the country for the winter months.

The best thing with autumn are the colours. And having moved from the southern Finland to about 300km north, the colours seem so much more vibrant. I can only imagine how they would be up north, in Lapland!

Whilst we get the colours and the crispy air, and heavy dew on the ground (our doggos seem to just love that), we also get the mournful cries of migrating birds getting slowly ready to depart from the nearby lake for their journey to the warmer countries. Maybe it is the finnishness in my soul, but their cries do speak to me in a level that I cannot even understand, at least fully.

But it is not as bleak as I make it sound. Autumn is also time for making new plans and put them to grow so when the spring arrives, your plans are ready to hatch! Besides it is good time to mull over them, whilst sitting on your patio sofa, under a blanket, whilst having hot tea. And soon it is also time for candles with their soft glow.

So enjoy autumn, like you would any other season for they are brilliant in their own ways. If you dislike one, there is always the next one coming shortly! And if you have a doggo or two, give them lots of hugs and kisses from me.

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