Respect And Skills

Some time ago I was reading LinkedIn postings, and saw one about the need for employee skills. This piqued my interest in the post and I simply had to read the post and all the comments underneath.

So, what do you think – which ones are more important, employee skills or leadership skills for the supervisors?

When I first read the post on LinkedIn, I felt annoyed. I was quite ready to lash out in the comments because I felt that the conversation starter wanted to put all the responsibilities on the workers and leave all the rights to the employers. But then I stopped and thought it a bit more, and read the comments. Many people sided with the person who had started the conversation, some even sharing their experiences with people who just “didn’t fit in the company culture” and “constantly undermined the new supervisor”. Had I, as an employee, started to side with the employer?

It is not about that. For me, as an employee, I need to feel valued to be able to give my 100%. One way of valuing my skills and knowledge is the salary, of course. But it is not only about money; it is also about open and frank communication. It is about clarifying the why of “the job is done this way”. And in return, I will give you more loyalty what I would give to someone else, and I will respect the work you do.

But I disagreed with the starter on the idea about the rights of the employer and duties of the employee way of thinking.

In the recent years there has been a lot of take about patients rights and how they are paramount to everything else. And at the same time there are the duties of nurses and doctors.

But shouldn’t that be a two-way street? Where are the patients duties and nurses and doctors rights? Or have we forgotten those? The same dual-way thinking should be prevalent in other jobs as well, unless we want the workplace be a mess with supervisors who rule with the “I am the boss, obey me” -mentality and have no regard to the employees, who actually do all the work.

For the past few weeks I have been working on a micronation, and one of the main projects has been the drafting of a constitution. With this project I have relearned a lot about constitutions and law in general – and it got me thinking… should we have laws governing our workplace life as well? I know that many places have their own “good conduct” lists that have been agreed on, but that is just it. They were created at one point in time, so are they updated to answer the needs of the evolved workplace?

Usually, these lists of good conduct don’t lay down anything but the mandatory codes of conduct. They are nothing like a constitution, which clearly stated the rights and responsibilities of everyone. And maybe that would be needed to create respect that goes both ways.

What do you think?

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